The Whistler Biathlon Society is an incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the sport of biathlon.

Based out of Whistler Olympic Park, the host facility for the Nordic sport events for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, our mission is to develop the sport of biathlon by:

  • supporting the development of certified biathlon coaches;
  • providing opportunities for participation and competition;
  • ensuring that the cost of participating in biathlon remains affordable and inclusive to all groups;
  • hosting provincial, national and international biathlon events; and
  • playing an active role in promoting active living and volunteerism through participation in the sport of biathlon.

How To Get Involved

We have two mailing lists you can subscribe to to keep up to date on biathlon events and volunteer opportunities. Our “Supporters” mailing list receives all the latest news, updates, events and photos, while our “Volunteers” mailing list receives information specific to upcoming volunteer opportunities and officials courses.

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