The Summer Biathlon Series is an annual series of summer biathlon events held at Whistler Olympic Park by the Whistler Biathlon Society.

Each event in the Summer Biathlon Series contains two separate categories: a club category featuring roller skiing competitions for experienced biathletes, and an open category featuring running, mountain biking or long boarding races. Everyone is welcome to participate in the open category and no prior biathlon or firearms experience is required.

2017 Dates

This summer there will be two summer biathlon series events: July 23 and August 13.

Registration deadlines

  • July 23rd Event: July 19th at 20:00
  • August 13th event: August 9th at 20:00
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Entry Fees

Open Category

  • Adults (ages 19 and older): $25 online, $35 day-of registration (cash only)
  • Youth (ages 18 and younger): $20 online; $30 day-of registration (cash only)

Club Category

  • I have my own coach/ammunition: $15
  • I would like coaching/ammunition to be provided: $25
  • day-of registration not permitted

Event Schedule

Club Category

  • 8:30-9:00: Check-in and bib pick-up
  • 8:45:-9:45: Equipment Check
  • 9:00-9:45: Zeroing
  • 10:00 Start

Open Category

  • 12:15-12:45: Registration and bib pick-up
  • 13:00: Rifle safety orientation and practice
  • 13:30: Running category start
  • 14:00: Bike/Board category start

Open Category Information

Our open category events are introductory and fun biathlon races for ages 9 and up. These races and are a great way to get started in the sport of biathlon. There is a rife safety orientation and shooting lesson before each event to familiarize everyone with the equipment and how the races work.

For those with prior biathlon experience, the open category events provide a fun, mass participation event where you can test your aim and fitness against the clock and your fellow racers.

The open category races feature options for running, mountain biking or longboarding. The racers complete three loops of a course, with a shooting bout after the first and second loop. The running loop is 700m and the biking/longboarding loop is 2.5km. At each shooting bout, racers take 5 shots at the targets in the prone position. For each missed target racers must complete a short penalty loop before returning to the course for the next loop.

The running and biking courses are paved, and are on rolling terrain suitable for all abilities.

Participants do not carry the rifles during their course loops. The rifles stay at the range during the event and are shared among the participants.

Club Category Information

Our club category features roller biathlon competitions. These competitions are for biathletes ages 11 and up who train regularly and who are capable rollerskiers. All competitors must be familiar with and capable of rollerskiing on the Whistler Olympic Park paved trails.

The type of competition will be a Sprint or an Individual competition and will be detailed in the race notice published on our Calendar.

In order to enter a club category event, you must be a current registered participant with Biathlon Canada, US Biathlon or similar national organization, and provide your own rollerskis and rifle.

Ammunition and coach support is available upon request when registering.

Course Maps

We are in the process up updating our course maps for the 2016 summer season. In the meantime, here is a video of our 2km course: